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  • About Latvia

    Latvia is a country of rich history and cultural traditions and a relatively new national state. Higher education and academic mobility is a national tradition in Latvia. The tradition is even stronger today with the existence of 60 state and private colleges and universities. The number of students attending higher education studies has also steadily increased.

    Since ancient times Latvia has been at the intersection road between East, West, North and South, The country shares borders with its Baltic neighbors, Estonia and Lithuania, as well as borders with Belarus and Russia and a nautical border with Sweden. Enjoy the great mixture of a beautiful landscape with lakes, rivers, rolling hills with rich intellectual and cultural atmosphere. The country is home to four national parks that preserve the natural beauty of the country. It is largely fertile lowland with numerous lakes and hills to the east. Latvia has 12,000 rivers & 3,000 small lakes – which is perfect for boating. Latvia is an inter-cultured state, ethnic country and affluent where the traditions of all these countries have amalgamated, creating outstanding environment, which students won’t get anywhere in the world.

    Latvia hit solid during the latest global financial crisis. It has recovered quickly and is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Latvia is a member of the United Nations, European Union and several other international organizations like NATO etc. The country is extremely environment conscious and was ranked second in the world by the 2012 Environmental Performance Index. The United Nations lists Latvia as a country with a "Very High" Human Development Index (HDI).

    Latvia is surrounded by beautiful cities. Most of Latvia is an undiscovered wonderland of medieval castles, pristine forests, and centuries-old buildings in all sorts of styles. The capital, Riga, is known for some of the best architectural style through the Art Nouveau district which will give you some of the best examples of Arts architecture in Europe that exists alongside historical medieval buildings.

    Latvia has it all. From unparalleled untouched natural landscape to lively cities and rich culture, Latvia has something for everyone.


    The culture in Latvia has a strong influence by Latvian folklore and by the people of the country and how attached they are to their homeland. Many Christian rituals are intertwined with ancient customs. Pagan symbols, which are geometric, are still seen throughout the applied arts of Latvia.


    Latvia is located in such a geographical zone, which allows one to enjoy the magic and the differences of the four seasons, which is mostly not possible elsewhere in Europe. Therefore the climate in Latvia is mild and humid, without extreme fluctuations in temperature. Nevertheless Latvia has four pronounced seasons—winter, spring, summer and autumn. The summer climate in Latvia is warm with an average temperature of 17°C, the peak occasionally going as high as 30°C. During spring and autumn weather is relatively mild but variable, generally humid with the average temperature around 10°C. Fall is popular with nature lovers due to colourful leafage. Winters in Latvia usually starts in mid-December and last till mid-March. The average temperature in winter is around —6°C.


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